For nearly 30 years, Curtin Property Company has been involved with the marketing, development, construction and management of multi-family and commercial properties.


Curtin Property Company, since its inception, has always focused on providing properties that are of the finest quality, staffed by associates that provide outstanding sales and service.


Chris Curtin, founder, entered the real estate profession in Manhattan, Kansas, as a real estate sales associate in 1975.  Chris’s love for sales and his attention to service led him to start Curtin Property Company in 1977.  The early years of Curtin Property Company were focused primarily on brokerage services and property management of small properties.  In 1979, Curtin Property Company developed its first commercial office building, which led to the expansion of the company’s sales, brokerage and development of investment properties.


In 1982, planning was completed and the commitment made to develop an ambitious project for the development and construction of Westchester Park Apartment Homes in Manhattan, Kansas. At that time, this 360-unit apartment community was the largest residential real estate project being developed in Kansas, outside the metropolitan areas of Wichita and Kansas City. Chris Curtin was 28 at the time.  Curtin Property Company still provides management services for this apartment community today.


Curtin Property Company began the development and construction of Georgetown Apartment Homes in Manhattan, Kansas in 1989.  This 200-unit apartment community was positioned to be the finest apartment community in Manhattan, and to this day is considered to be the premier apartment community.  Georgetown Apartment Homes is still managed by Curtin Property Company.


Curtin Property Company moved its corporate office to Overland Park, Kansas in 1998 and began the pursuit of developing the finest apartment community in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  In 1999, Curtin Property Company began construction on The Woods of Cherry Creek Apartment Homes in Overland Park, Kansas.  Since its completion, the Woods of Cherry Creek has received over 18 Crystal Merit Awards presented by its peers in the Kansas City market area and is recognized as the finest apartment community in Kansas.


Throughout its history, Curtin Property Company has always focused on delivering the finest customer service possible.  Each person that is part of Curtin Property Company strives to make service an important focus on each relationship.  CEL & Associates of California, the leading national multi-family consulting firm, has identified Curtin Property Company’s company-wide service focus.  CEL & Associates, after measuring 800,000 apartments nation wide, has recognized Curtin Property Company as the #1 Property Management Team in America for Customer Service and Resident Satisfaction.  It is a great tribute to each of the associates of Curtin Property Company to win this national honor and recognition.  It is an even greater tribute to our associates that Curtin Property Company has won this national honor twice and is the only property management company in America in its class to ever win this recognition more than one time.


Quality.  Sales.  Service.  Curtin Property Company’s history and future will continue to be focused on providing the finest quality properties, managed by the finest associates delivering the best sales and service in America.