Past. Present. Future.

For 40 years, Curtin Property Company has innovated the marketing, development, construction and management of commercial properties. Since the beginning, we have focused on creating places that are of the finest quality and are staffed by associates that provide outstanding sales and service. As the world around us has changed, we have grown with it. We have held tight our core values and evolved our vision for the future. We understand that every community is stronger when all of its components work together rather than independently...and we love that concept. We like to call the invisible bond that successful communities have: synergy.

Our definition of Synergy: When key individual elements interact to produce a more powerful whole, than the elements independently.

So how does that relate to what Curtin Property Company does? We are so glad you asked! We build things that work better together than apart; we are a synergistic Place Developer. In other words, we help build that chemistry, that spark, that special something that escalates individual buildings to the highest level of interconnectivity, which fuels a sense of place