The Curtin Property Company strives to create great places, with incredibly attractive environments that are sustainable, perform highly and offer the highest level of customer service.


Drive. Dedication. Ambition.

We love what we do...And it shows!

It's always been about more than just developing buildings for us. It's about the drive to elevate communities. 
We create beautiful, functional and natural environments, while integrating them with innovative,
well-planned, sustainable, synergistic atmospheres.

We have a reputation for excellence in customer service, attention to detail, collaboration for innovation and doing things right. 

We thrive in creating progressive, up scale communities that seek all the conveniences of an urban lifestyle, in a comfortable environment. We will help you refresh, renew and rebrand your city, so you can live, work and play, happily. How do we do this? Through synergistic place development, innovative collaboration and unparalleled attention to detail.
We can't wait to make the future of your city shine.



Honest. Ethical. Moral.

We demonstrate all of the qualities
you look for in a friend in the industry.

Everything we do, we do right. From our creation of high quality places, our customer service and our attention to every little detail, we do it all with the highest level. We believe in innovation with integrity. In building 'places' while revitalizing cities. Thus, cookie cutter designs are not for us. We implement creative problem solving to build thoughtful, sustainable and beautiful places. We believe in trusting our roots and our experience while expanding our vision. We want to shake things up, in a good way. We are not afraid of change and embrace the challenge of creating a better, stronger, more dynamic place and will help cities grow and flourish. We understand the value of hard work, determination and honesty, which makes us a team you can trust.

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Experience. Quality. Distinction. 

Hard work, dedication and excellence can take you anywhere.

We set a high bar for excellence, and our 40+ years in the industry prove it. Ask our friends and they will tell you that our customer service is phenomenal, the places we build are beautiful and we perform at the highest level. We invest our energy in creating the best places, period.

Our commitment to excellence >



Concept. Innovate. Create.

We have an incredible team
of idea builders.

It all starts with an idea. A concept. A thought. One person that is a mighty idea maker. Now add more creative minds and soon you have a team environment where that concept can be envisioned, visualized, refined and allowed to flourish into a truly incredible and innovative place. Through our experience we have found when we practice teamwork, when we collaborate,
innovation just comes naturally. 

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Get Involved. Share. Grow. 

We build places. Not just buildings....
and it doesn't stop there.

We believe that the more we invest in our communities, the stronger the bond becomes with the people and organizations that call those places home. Giving back to our local, regional and national community is a big deal to us,
and we love doing it. 

Get involved >

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